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About us

Our reasons for the field and our own dogs

Suffolk Run Free enclosed dog walking field was created for our own dogs. Having adopted rescue dogs, all of whom have different backgrounds and present different challenges, we were struggling to find suitable places to walk them all together. Hence, the idea of Suffolk Run Free was born.


dog koko suffolk

In February 2017 we adopted our gorgeous Koko from Romania. She had been rescued from one of the most notorious Public shelters and had been in a private shelter for over a year with no offers of adoption. Being a black dog she had been overlooked time and again.  The horrors she must have witnessed don't bear thinking about. After four years, she is now a confident and loving dog, still not too keen on strange men, but is easily persuaded that they're ok with a few treats!


dog lisa suffolk

Our second adopted dog Lisa was rescued from the streets, so had not witnessed the horrors that Koko had but it turned out that she was a real escape artist. This girl loves everyone but also wants to go and say hello to everyone. She's a large dog....with the ability to jump and climb out of pretty much anywhere. As our fencing grew in height so did Lisa's ability to find a way out. Sadly, this desire to jump and climb led to an awful accident and she tore her cruciate ligament and co-lateral ligaments in her knee. She's now fully recovered and back to her old mischievous, lovable self.


dog julia suffolk

The third of our dogs has been with us since April 2018. She is Lisa's aunt. One of the local rescue team looks after the family group on the streets, feeding them and ensuring they are safe from the dog catchers. In the middle of winter and in deep snow Julia disappeared for ten days. When she finally returned she had a horrific injury to one of her front legs. Wire had been tied round it and had gone down to the bone. The leg was so badly damaged it had to be amputated. When we heard about her plight and having met the family group ourselves in Romania it was a done deal... we had to adopt her and make sure she had a forever home. Given her experiences, she is still the sweetest most loving dog and will do anything for a frozen sprat!


dog suzy suffolk

Our fourth dog we helped rescue in Romania. She is also one of Julia and Lisa's relatives. We found her with a litter of puppies, struggling to survive. Sadly, all of her puppies died. We made a promise the day we helped rescue her that we would bring her over to the UK and find her the perfect forever home. She travelled in April 2018 with Julia and has stolen our hearts... failed fosterers we are. She's staying here with us and the extended members of her family group. She's a total goof ball, adores playing and running with her friends. She's still shy around people she doesn't know, but getting more confident by the day.  It's taken us over 18 months for Suzy to trust us enough to put a harness on her.....she now loves going for a walk and is at last able to join the others at Suffolk Run Free!


dog connie suffolk

RIP Connie 13/4/2006 - 03/07/2019

Our amazing Cocker Spaniel welcomed all her new doggie family and showed them all what it is to be a much loved member of the family. Connie wasn't fazed by anything, anyone or any other dogs. She was however a total princess and if she didn't get her own way would sulk for hours. She helped all the others gain confidence and loved all the extra training treats that they seemed to bring into her world. She was a one off and sadly lost her battle against cancer in July 2019.

We have added three further additions to our family since 2019!

We welcomed Buster, Scampi and Pudding to the now have seven Romanian dogs!!!

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